First Trip as a Family!

Hello everyone, Saint and Dusty here! We wanted to hop on and talk to you guys about our first adventure as a family! We went to Detroit, Michigan, a few weeks ago because Mummy had a conference. This was Dusty’s first time flying, and she did so well! It was also Dusty’s first time in a shuttle and on a train, but she did well with everything!

Detroit was so fun! We got to see some of Mummy’s friends, we went on walks, but we couldn’t get to the dog park because Mummy couldn’t get her wheelchair up there. There was also a lot of construction so sometimes we couldn’t walk on the sidewalk, either. But we still had a blast! We went to the Detroit Institute of Art and the Detroit Public Library, which were awesome!

Everyone at the conference was so surprised to see Dusty: nobody knew Mummy was getting another service dog! All of Mummy’s friends were so excited to see us though, and it was awesome! We stayed at a super nice hotel called The Westin with these awesome dog beds, but we wanted to sleep next to Mummy, of course. The bed was HUGE, but we stayed right next Mummy all night! We had a blast on this trip, and we are very excited for the next adventure!

We love you all! Until next time, Saint and Dusty.

Kicking Off Spring in the Best Way

Hello, friends!! Saint here. I’m so glad it’s finally sunny out! I love the sun and being able to play outside without my boots! Anyway, the month of May just started and Mummy and I kicked off the new month (and the new weather) in the best way!
May 1st was a Tuesday, so Mummy had a full day of classes, which is always so much fun!! I love seeing all of my friends throughout the day! We also had the end of the semester potluck for the University Times, and there was SO MUCH FOOD! There was a huge sandwich, cookies, and fruit! I wish I could have had some, but none of those things are good for me.
After a full day of classes, Mummy and I had one of my favorite things to do: A Facebook Live Event! I get to see even more of my friends! Plus, I’m not wearing my gear during these events so I get lots of pats. I even got a belly tickle!! This Facebook Live was about The Sisterhood, who are the women who help Mummy and me go on our adventures! We were missing some people, but Aunt Kimmie and my friend Pam Easler were there! It was such a blast to see everyone! I love doing Facebook Live Events!

What’s your favorite way to connect with friends?? Do you love spring just as much as I do?? I love you all!

Taking Miracle to Percy’s

Hi everyone, Saint here! Today I wanted to tell you all a funny story of something that happened to Mummy and me a few months ago. It all started when Mummy noticed that Miracle (Mummy’s van) was making a funny, squeaking kind of noise. We took Miracle to Percy’s Auto so that they could look at her and tell us what was wrong.
We sat in the waiting room for a while until a man came into the room to tell Mummy that nothing was wrong with Miracle. Mummy insisted that we could hear a noise coming from the vents that sounded like squeaking. So the man left the room again to look at the car more closely.
When he came back, he told Mummy some interesting news: Miracle had been infested with mice! He said it was the worst infestation he’d ever seen. When the mechanic climbed under Miracle and started to take her apart, he said he got covered in mouse droppings. I’m sure it wasn’t very funny to him, but it sure made me laugh.
Can I tell you guys a secret? I knew some mice had gotten into Miracle. I didn’t want to tell Mummy, because I like the mice: they’re my friends. I told them not to chew up any of the wires that keep Miracle running and they listened! The guys at Percy’s told Mummy she was lucky they didn’t chew the wires, but I know the truth.
There are a lot of mice around where Mummy and I live. The winters are pretty brutal and cold, so I let the mice hang out in the basement. Sometimes Mummy leaves the car door open in the garage so that it doesn’t get stuck from the ice. The mice walked right in and made some little nests. They didn’t chew wires, but they did manage to get to one of Mummy’s string bags, a pair of gloves and her sour hard candies. The mice are gone now and so are the droppings. Miracle doesn’t squeak anymore and all is well. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to your car?

Toys for life!

Hi everyone! Saint here. I hope you are all doing well and having fun! I want to tell you guys about some of my favorite toys. Mummy keeps my toys in a big box for me, but my favorite toys Mummy leaves on my bed so I get them easier. I play with them after I go outside in the morning and also when we get home at night. In the morning when I come back inside and I do some stretching, then I retrieve my favorite toy. It’s a short tree with squirrels, but the squirrels make noises. Its lots of fun to flip my tree in the air. Sometimes, I find the things that makes the noises, and I take them out. I bring them to Mummy. Then Mummy does surgery on them so the squirrels make the noises again. I also have a birdhouse with little birds in it: it’s a lot like my tree. I play with that one upstairs. I also have a really big pillow upstairs that is shaped like me. When Mummy is working, I get to play with Lambie. Once I played with Lambie too hard and she lost an ear. When friends visit Mummy at work I get Lambie to show them.
When Mummy and I went hiking, I had some friends to play with. They liked to play fetch, which I don’t understand. They would go after the ball once their person threw it and kept getting it, no matter how many times it was thrown. I get stuff for Mummy all the time, but Mummy doesn’t throw stuff just for me to get it. I don’t get why they do that. Their people could have gotten the ball themselves: they didn’t need help.
Hope you all are doing well and don’t forget to play today.

Facebook Live

Hello, everyone! Saint here. Tuesday was a super exciting day for Mummy and me! After a full day of going with Mummy to classes and seeing all my friends, we had something else very exciting to do! Some of Mummy’s students came to Mummy’s office to see us and we did something called a Facebook Live Event. It was a lot of fun, except for the fact that Mummy put me in my booties and coat, but I didn’t mind too much. Mummy got me those booties a few years ago because the snow and salt hurts my paws. Mummy always looks out for me: she’s the best!
During the Facebook Live Event, Mummy and her students talked about BEYOND LIMITS and they asked a bunch of questions about me! Mummy kept on saying that the Live Event was about me, which was very exciting. That’s why she had me in my winter gear. One of Mummy’s students dressed in his winter gear too, so I didn’t feel too bad about having it on.
During the Live Event, I kept on running over to my bed because I was SO TIRED, but Mummy kept telling me no, and I’m glad she did. Even though it was a long day, I had tons of fun!!
I do need to get lots of rest though because Mummy and I are going on a big adventure next week. We’re driving to Kentucky and going on a hike! Make sure you stay tuned for that.
Have you guys ever done a Facebook Live Event? Do you have any Winter Gear? What do you Love about Winter? I love you all!

My Awesome Adventure to the Vet

Hi everybody! It’s me again: Saint. How are you all doing? Can you believe that it’s almost March? Some of the snow is already starting to melt and it’s still February. I don’t mind the warm weather, though. When it’s cold, sometimes Mummy makes me wear my little boots and they feel very strange on my paws.
Mummy and I just went to the veterinarian for a wellness checkup. I go to the vet a lot and I love going! Everybody is so friendly. This was just for a routine checkup. Everybody at the vet’s office was very nice and while I was waiting for my turn, I even made a new friend with a pug. The other dog was very excited to make friends with me, too.
The vet got me in for my checkup very quickly and they gave me a physical. First, they put me on the scale because I’m supposed to weigh between 57 and 59 pounds. The scale was right by the food, so I was more than happy to step on it. I weighed 57.7 pounds, which is the perfect weight I’m supposed to be. Mummy makes sure I eat and exercise well so that I stay within this weight range.
The nice man examined my legs, throat, eyes, ears and took a complete blood sample to make sure I was all healthy and I passed with flying colors. He even said that I was one of the most well-behaved dogs he’d ever met. I think this made Mummy happy, so I was happy as well. They also gave me vaccinations so that I don’t get sick and I can keep going on exciting adventures with Mummy. Last but not least, I even got my nails done.
The visit to the vet took about an hour. I got four treats throughout our visit for being a good girl! They were very delicious. It’s very important that you eat well and exercise right. Mummy and I look after each other to make sure we both stay healthy. What do you do to stay healthy?
I hope that you have a wonderful week. Spring is just around the corner and then there’ll be mud everywhere. But I’m pretty sure Mummy won’t let me play in it because I’ll get all dirty and messy.
Well, that was my and Mummy’s most recent adventure. I hope you have a great day and stay warm! Bye for now!

Never Skip Leg Day

Hello everyone! It’s Saint again. I hope that you have all had a wonderful week since the last time we talked. The weather is warming up, which means that Mummy and I will be able to play outside in no time! I love the snow, but it can be so cold sometimes.
Even though Mummy and I aren’t playing in the snow every day, she still makes sure I get the exercise I need. When you go on as many adventures as Mummy and I, you must be in peak doggy condition.
Exercise begins first thing in the morning for Mummy and me. Before we go to work, Mummy and I run on the treadmill. Mummy always sets the speed on my treadmill to 2.7 mph. This is the perfect speed for me because I can break a sweat without tripping over my paws. Mummy and I will do this for 30 minutes. Sometimes we go for longer, but 30 minutes is just enough for me to maintain a healthy puppy body.
I love the treadmill Mummy got for me. I even got to pick it out myself! A few years ago, Mummy and I went into Sears to get one. One of the employees looked really confused when Mummy asked where the treadmills were located. She looked even more confused when Mummy said that it was for me! I wonder why she was so surprised.
Since we exercise in the morning, I’m usually ready for a nap in the early afternoon. My favorite place to nap is under Mummy’s desk. If she has to teach, then her lap is the next best thing. Mummy says I snore in class. I never hear it, so I don’t know if I believe her.
That’s it for me today. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

New Orleans Journey

Hello everyone, it’s Saint. I hope you’re all doing great. I recently went to New Orleans with Mummy and had a great time. There’s always so much to see when we go somewhere new, but boy is it tiring! Our trip was very eventful and we got to travel with two of our friends, Leigh and Alana.
We also ran into P.J. along the way. He is a friend we don’t see very often. He was one of the people who helped Mummy climb Katahdin. He found us at the airport and said hello to me before he said hello to Mummy. That made me feel pretty special. It was a nice surprise to see our friend while waiting for the plane to Maine in Philadelphia. We had to stop there on the way back from New Orleans. Once we got on that plane, though, they made us get off again and said that they had to find a new one to take us home. I didn’t mind too much, though.
I don’t mind planes, either. I usually get my own seat. The hardest parts are when it’s leaving or coming toward the ground: that’s a little scary.
We had a lot of new experiences during our trip. Since Mummy needs an aisle chair to get on and off of the planes, strangers usually have to touch her a lot, which makes me nervous. The airport we left Bangor from, though, used a new thing called a Transfer Kit that was much more comfortable for Mummy. This meant I didn’t get as nervous, so it was good for both of us.
Whenever we fly something always happens to Mummy’s wheelchair. This time we landed in D.C on our way to New Orleans and they couldn’t get it to work at all! It was very stressful, but very nice people took care of us and tried to help. Eventually a man in a suit came and fixed everything right away. I’m very thankful for him because then Mummy and I could continue on our journey.
Something really weird happened in Philadelphia, too, while we were there. The floor filled up with water and everyone kept saying the airport was flooding from a sprinkler, even though the sun was out. I wasn’t scared, though, because Mummy wasn’t scared, which meant it was no big deal. Water doesn’t bother me anyway and a nice man in a yellow vest escorted us around while others waited. It was very nice of him.
Needless to say, we had a very interesting trip. Do you travel often? Have you ever had a weird trip to the airport or run into friends you didn’t expect to see? Life is full of fun adventures and surprises and I love telling you all about mine. Until next time, take care!

Dog Year

Hello everyone! How was your vacation? Your Christmas? Your New Year? A lot of gifts received, many family members around you, right? I had a wonderful holiday and festival with Mummy.
I would like to share the exciting news with you guys! My friend told me, this year is my turn, this is my year! Dog year! Pretty interesting, right?

China has a traditional Chinese 12-year animal zodiac: 鼠:Rat; 牛:Ox; 虎:Tiger; 兔:Hare; 龙:Dragon; 蛇:Snake; 马:Horse; 羊:Sheep; 猴:Monkey; 鸡:Cock; 狗:Dog; 猪:Boar.

Last year was a Cock year, so this year—2018–is a year of the Dog cycle. My cycle!

Do you know what dog year means? It means more good fortunes, more happiness, more good things will be around me. Saint wants to share all good fortunes with you, from me and my Mummy. Saint just wishes for you all, wherever you may be, or whatever you are doing now, or whatever you will be for the future, that my year will bring luckiness all around you. For the Dog year, we all will have more happiness. Love you all guys!

The Holidays Are Here!

Hi, everyone! It’s me, Saint. I hope that this finds you all well. Can you believe that 2017 is almost over? Mummy and I have had such a busy year and I’ve enjoyed telling you so much about it all.

Mummy and I have had a busy couple of weeks. Her students were finishing up their finals, and so we were on campus a lot. But we had lots of fun. I think that the students were actually a little sad that they were going on break. I know that they will miss Mummy and me.

Mummy and I are taking a little break of our own. The holidays are here. And we are going to visit my aunt, Mummy’s sister, over our holiday break. I think that Mummy needs a vacation. She loves her students, but they really tire her out! I’m looking forward to our relaxing a bit.

What are you all doing for the holidays? Hopefully, you get to see your friends and families. There is so much to be thankful for. Mummy and I got to do so many amazing things this year. We got to see places we’ve never seen before, like the Appalachian Trail. And we met so many amazing people. I have a lot of new friends now!

Do you guys have any special holiday treats? I always eat very healthily, but Mummy lets me have treats once in a while. Carrots are my favorite! They are sweet just like candy to me. I hope that you all get to enjoy some treats of your own. That’s one of the best things about the holidays. Do you think that Mummy will let me have a few extra carrot sticks?

I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season. Be safe and I will talk to you all in the new year. Bye for now!