Dog Year

Hello everyone! How was your vacation? Your Christmas? Your New Year? A lot of gifts received, many family members around you, right? I had a wonderful holiday and festival with Mummy.
I would like to share the exciting news with you guys! My friend told me, this year is my turn, this is my year! Dog year! Pretty interesting, right?

China has a traditional Chinese 12-year animal zodiac: 鼠:Rat; 牛:Ox; 虎:Tiger; 兔:Hare; 龙:Dragon; 蛇:Snake; 马:Horse; 羊:Sheep; 猴:Monkey; 鸡:Cock; 狗:Dog; 猪:Boar.

Last year was a Cock year, so this year—2018–is a year of the Dog cycle. My cycle!

Do you know what dog year means? It means more good fortunes, more happiness, more good things will be around me. Saint wants to share all good fortunes with you, from me and my Mummy. Saint just wishes for you all, wherever you may be, or whatever you are doing now, or whatever you will be for the future, that my year will bring luckiness all around you. For the Dog year, we all will have more happiness. Love you all guys!

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