Dog Year

Hello everyone! How was your vacation? Your Christmas? Your New Year? A lot of gifts received, many family members around you, right? I had a wonderful holiday and festival with Mummy.
I would like to share the exciting news with you guys! My friend told me, this year is my turn, this is my year! Dog year! Pretty interesting, right?

China has a traditional Chinese 12-year animal zodiac: 鼠:Rat; 牛:Ox; 虎:Tiger; 兔:Hare; 龙:Dragon; 蛇:Snake; 马:Horse; 羊:Sheep; 猴:Monkey; 鸡:Cock; 狗:Dog; 猪:Boar.

Last year was a Cock year, so this year—2018–is a year of the Dog cycle. My cycle!

Do you know what dog year means? It means more good fortunes, more happiness, more good things will be around me. Saint wants to share all good fortunes with you, from me and my Mummy. Saint just wishes for you all, wherever you may be, or whatever you are doing now, or whatever you will be for the future, that my year will bring luckiness all around you. For the Dog year, we all will have more happiness. Love you all guys!

Let Me Introduce My Good Friend, Tong

Hi, everyone! How are you? The weather is becoming cold, and the snow is coming. I am so excited because then I can play with snowballs! Do you like snow days, too?

Today I want to talk a bit about BEYOND LIMITS. I want to introduce one of BEYOND LIMITS’ members to you: the brilliant and funny person, from Beijing, China, named Tong Liu. He is so funny that he always makes the people around him laugh long and hard. He is the only volunteer who communicate with others by a second language. His first language is Chinese.

Are you interested in China in general or Beijing in particular? How about the Great Wall? The Imperial Palace? Feel free to ask questions. Tong is very eager to explain everything about China to you. He also welcomes every person to travel to China to see these and other sights.

Also, Tong has a great project. He created and cares for a YouTube channel for BEYOND LIMITS where you can always find the precious moments about Mummy’s and my everything. He has very excellent equipment to record every special moment for BEYOND LIMITS. He even uses a drone to take aerial photographs. Would you like to try this machine? Just tell me and I will pass the word on to him!

Anyway, if you go to our BEYOND LIMITS channel, you will be surprised at the fantastic photos and videos! Many of them feature me. So be sure to check it out and see me smiling at you!

Have a Spook-tacular Fall!

Hello, everyone. Halloween will be coming soon. Have you ever thought of dressing up for Halloween? I always think about that! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It symbolizes love and kindness, joy and happiness to me because I can dress up together with Mummy! I enjoy dressing up! I always think that is very fun!

I still remember when Mummy dressed up as a demoness, Lilith, with a red wig and trident. I also remember when Mummy dressed up as a dark angel, with black wings and a black head ring. That is so cool. I was very extraordinary last time, too. Mummy gave me a hat with long hair and two braids. Everyone said that I looked lovely and beautiful! Everyone wanted to touch my long hair!

Wait! The most exciting thing for my Halloween is when Mummy has a class for Halloween week. She always requires all students to dress up and come to class. For me, that is a visual feast! Students have different costumes. They dress up as ghosts, witches or frightening Dracula, as lovely clowns and scary ones. In other words, they dress up whatever they want to be. That’s so creative! So funny!

I cannot wait to see what will happen this Halloween! Because of Mummy’s friends, Mummy and I have been away on the Appalachian Trail. I’ve been out with so much blue sky, white clouds and beautiful sunshine, beautiful landscape in the woods, too. Could you give me some suggestions about what should I dress up for this Halloween? Maybe a tree? A monkey?

Happy Halloween all! Saint loves you guys!

How I Stay Healthy to Take Care of Mummy

Hello, my friends. I would like to talk food today. The reason is that we all know that everybody needs to eat every day, which means most creatures cannot survive without food. Actually, there often are many people who are interested in what food I always eat. So, I would like to introduce my menu.

First, I eat Eukanuba brand Large Breed Adult kibble for my daily life. I always have two meals–Breakfast and Dinner–every day. It not only makes me feel full but also gives me energy for the whole day.

Second, I really like carrots. I get several carrots with each meal, and also sometimes have them for my snacks.

When I do something well, I always get a few rewards. For example, when I open the door for others, Mummy will give me some snacks. Sometimes I can get extra pieces of kibble. It’s almost like dessert. I really think it is delicious and also includes rich vitamins. Mummy also told me that it is really good for my body.

Third, comes Pup-Peroni. I know when I do something really great, Mummy will give me a piece of Pup-Peroni. I’m so happy for this, because this is not only very delicious, but also indicates Mummy’s approval. Do any of you like Pup-Peroni like I do?

At bedtime, I get a few Rawhide Chew Sticks. Not only do they taste good: they also help keep my teeth and jaws clean and in good shape. I feel good.

Now, just like with human hikers, I consumed more calories when I hiked than I do in my everyday life. So, Mummy increased the amount of kibble that she gave me for my meals. And I got more snacks–more Pup-Peroni and rawhide. This made me very happy, because I love to eat.

I hope that you guys will choose balanced, healthy food because it will help you have a healthy body.


Hello, everybody! Saint here. Do you guys know that people can handle different roles or duties in life—at the same time? You must be familiar with the hero in the movie Superman. In fact, he is also a journalist at the Metropolis newspaper. The same as him, I also have various roles and duties in my life. Let me introduce them to you guys!

I was awarded Top Dog at UMPI where Mummy works because I am unique at UMPI and I have various skills. When you see the doors at UMPI with ropes on the handles, that suggests I can open the doors for Mummy. I believe many students and professors see my good performance.

I am a good student in Mummy’s class because I am never absent when she teaches. Also, I always seriously listen to the whole class. Sometimes people think that I sleep through class, but I’m really just resting my eyes.

Sometimes I am a model because when I am walking, I always catch so many eyes. Also, I often think I am an investigator because I am used to watching all around Mummy and am prepared to tell Mummy if any danger will happen.

I am a real daughter at home. I will open room doors for Mummy. I will help Mummy get on her warm winter clothes, such as her gloves and hat. I always accompany Mummy when she is working—she does that a lot, even from home. I will listen to Mummy’s every word when she is happy or upset and I try my hardest to keep her feeling good or to help her feel better. I will open the elevator door for Mummy. I will cover up Mummy with quilts in the night, etc.

I am a good teammate with Mummy when Mummy is hiking and climbing mountains. I have special climbing shoes and gear. Also, I sleep with Mummy in a tent. I just love the tent: it’s just the two of us and we are snug and safe from the outside. I am so happy that I can hike and climb mountains with Mummy because I can see the various landscape and make many friends. Some people think that this makes me a superstar, but it’s all part of being Mummy’s baby. (That’s what Mummy calls me.)

Different roles give me different values depending on the situation. But they’re all good. I enjoy the different happiness I get from each role. I always try my best for each one.

What I Have Learned From BEYOND LIMITS

Tong Liu

Hi, my name is Tong Liu. I am an international student at UMPI. I come from Beijing. I am now an Oakley spokesperson of China because of my snowboarding. I am also a member of BEYOND LIMITS: Awaken You Potential.

Have you ever devoted yourself to a charity or cause you would like to support in your leisure time? Or have you wanted to? Then I believe you must be interested in the project – BEYOND LIMITS: Awaken Your Potential. This project not only is a charity but it is a mental challenge.

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