Dr. Jacqui Lowman Bio

cropped-Carl-Theriault-Jacqui-Lowman-Steve-Towle-1.23.2015-NE-BEYOND-LIMITS-CLR-DC2-ALL-05.jpgJacqui Lowman is the founder and president of BEYOND LIMITS: Awaken Your Potential. Jacqui has a number of congenital conditions that some might view as disabling. But thanks to the love and support that Jacqui has had in her life, she has learned to view challenge as an opportunity and to refuse to accept the word “CAN’T.” Through her life’s Journey, Jacqui became a teacher and traveler. Along the way, she realized that many who face challenges have not been as fortunate as she: they’ve listened to the negative voices, put bars on their insides, been afraid to try. So Jacqui became an advocate, through her teaching and living. Her philosophy that with teamwork, creativity, persistence, faith, love—and a bit of luck—nothing is impossible led her to start BEYOND LIMITS. The next phase is to take her lifelong experience and to use it to help create opportunities—through adaptive recreation and education–for people who feel limited: to help all people Awaken Their Potential.