Get involved

BEYOND LIMITS believes that challenge is an Opportunity, that it’s all about the Journey and that Nothing is impossible. The only thing that can hold us back is our own inner voice that says, “Can’t.” But BEYOND LIMITS turns that on its head: with the right perspective, perseverance, creativity, problem-solving, a refusal to give up, faith, love, friendship—and a bit of luck—we can do anything. The difficult we do right away. The impossible takes a little longer.

We are an organization of people, for people. Would you like to help us change the world by making a difference and being that difference? There are a number of ways that you can join us.

VOLUNTEER: BEYOND LIMITS is a completely volunteer organization. People give a lot—and get back so much more than they give. If you want to help, we can find a niche for you. We need people who can ski and/or snowshoe. We’ll have some preliminary training—refreshing skills and specialized training on working with people with disabilities. But even if you’re not athletic, if you want to help, you can. We need people who can help coordinate lessons, take care of equipment, help people get ready for their lessons, serve snacks, make sure the snow is cleared, etc. If you’re a young person needing/wanting to do some community service hours, this is a fabulous way to fulfill them. If you have a family, why not bring them out to the Nordic Heritage Center to enjoy the breathtaking venue and have some fantastic fun while you get the gift of helping through volunteering?

DONATE: BEYOND LIMITS is a 501C3 charity—that means that all your donations are tax exempt. Also, because BEYOND LIMITS is a volunteer-driven organization, all donations go directly to support, strengthen and expand our programming. In order to work with more people, we need more adaptive winter recreation equipment. We would like to expand to other winter sports (Alpine skiing, snowboarding), as well. And we also want to expand into warmer weather recreation (cycling, canoeing). For some people with disabilities, no amount of warm clothing will make the cold bearable: so we need warm weather options for them. And even if people can brave the cold, they want to be able to enjoy outdoor challenges year round.

Your support helps people become happier, more assured, more productive humans. This is about human rights—no person is expendable. All people have the right to enjoy the earth and interact with others. Thank you for helping protect and extend these rights.