What I Have Learned From BEYOND LIMITS

Hi, my name is Tong Liu. I am an international student at UMPI. I come from Beijing. I am now an Oakley spokesperson of China because of my snowboarding. I am also a member of BEYOND LIMITS: Awaken You Potential.

Have you ever devoted yourself to a charity or cause you would like to support in your leisure time? Or have you wanted to? Then I believe you must be interested in the project – BEYOND LIMITS: Awaken Your Potential. This project not only is a charity but it is a mental challenge.

Have you ever thought when you met trouble that you could not resolve it? Or have you worked for a time on something, but then given up if you could not solve it quickly? Actually, I did.

Let’s talk about my experience, and what I have learned from BEYOND LIMITS. Every single person has some kind of limitation, whether from psychology or physiology. But do not say “I cannot.” What really matters is if you want to do something (to awaken your potential). Then everything is possible.

Last semester we all did preparatory jobs for this project. My part was supplies. In that process, we all were like a family. We worked together to overcome all difficulties and enjoyed every detail of our project. So I could help you to solve all questions about supply of the BEYOND LIMITS project in detail and how all our members will help one another and work to the best of our ability to complete this project. I really enjoy that. You are welcome join us – join our family.

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