The first time I knew I was going to be a part of something important for BEYOND LIMITS was when my classmates and I were tasked with trying to get volunteers for the Appalachian Trail Adventure. That for me was when I realized that we were actually helping Dr. J with this goal she has, and that this was going to be bigger than just a class for us. It really became real to me at this point, knowing that I was helping get people involved. Even though many didn’t answer when we called them, we were still getting the word out, and that was the biggest success I think.

When I think about BEYOND LIMITS, I don’t just think about Dr. J and her disability, I think of any people who have ever felt like they can’t do something, whether it is because of a physical disability or not. BEYOND LIMITS is more than disability. We all have those days where we don’t feel like we can do something, and BEYOND LIMITS is there to show us that no matter what the circumstances, we can do whatever we put our minds to. It means to push beyond those limits that we put in our minds and overcome anything that may be in our way.

BEYOND LIMITS matters because we all have those times in our lives where we think that we can’t do something. We make ourselves think that it’s going to be too hard, so we don’t bother trying. BEYOND LIMITS teaches people that no matter what may be in our way, whether it is a disability or us just telling ourselves that we can’t, that we can do it. Can’t is just a word we use when we’re scared. BEYOND LIMITS shows us that it’s okay to be scared, but we need to try to overcome our worries and our doubts and do something that in the end will make a difference in whatever that may be.

For me, BEYOND LIMITS has shown that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I have been diagnosed when anxiety disorders since I was a sophomore in high school, and that has stopped me from doing a lot in my life. I tend to stay in the background. I tend to keep to myself. BEYOND LIMITS has shown me that we can do whatever we want: we just have to push ourselves, tell ourselves that we can do it. I have pushed beyond my limits throughout this whole project. When we had to make those calls I mentioned earlier, I hated the idea. With my anxiety, I have a hard time talking on the phone. The only person I feel comfortable talking on the phone with is my mom. Anyone else, I would rather have call me or use email and texts to get the message across. I spent hours just holding my phone, trying to get myself over the fear of talking on the phone to a complete stranger. In the end, I told myself that I can do it, and when I made myself do it, as hard as it was, I pushed through it, and was able to make those calls. BEYOND LIMITS has taught me that I can do it. That no matter what I feel is holding me back, I can push through it, because the worst thing that I could do is not try.

BEYOND LIMITS is something I will think about when I have those bad days. Even when I have graduated, I will always think back to BEYOND LIMITS and how I overcame some of my anxieties, and how BEYOND LIMITS taught me that when you put your mind to it and push through those cant’s floating around in your head, you actually can.

Trip to the Vet!

Hey guys. Saint here. I don’t know why other animals don’t like the vet. I love the vet! I know as soon as we get there because I can smell all the different kinds of animals. My nose is good with stuff like that. The first thing I love to do is sniff the rugs that are in the entry way. That has all the smells of all the animals who have walked over it. I can even smell the people the animals bring with them to the vet. That’s my favorite rug. Well, that one and the one we go to when Mummy picks up her medicine. That is also a very good smelling rug.

But back to the vet. I go to Dr. Hotham. He is really nice, and so are the people who work with him. The first thing I do when I get there is step on the scale. That is supposed to tell them how much I weigh. I don’t know why though. I work out every morning, so I know I look good. But it makes them happy, and that’s all that matters. Then we get to go in another room that also has many scents in it. That’s when I get rubbed and patted by the people who work with Dr. Hotham. It feels so good. My tail wags the entire time.

Sometimes I have to get shots, though. But you know what? That doesn’t bother me! You want to know why? Because after I get the shots, I get treats! Lots and lots of treats. That’s my absolute favorite part about going to the vet. I love that even more then sniffing that amazing rug.

When we were there last, I noticed Mummy’s emotion changed. I’m good at noticing when emotions change. Mummy went from happy to worried, and I didn’t know why. I mean, I was right there, Mummy had nothing to worry about. I did hear something about Platelets. Now, I don’t know what that means, but Mummy said we would have come back in a week. That means more treats and rubs and sniffs on that rug for me, but Mummy was unhappy. When we went back, Mummy was still worried. I didn’t know how to help her. I tried, but nothing seemed to help. Then Dr. Hotham came in and he made it all better. I’ll have to thank him for that next time I see him. Then, when we were leaving, I got more treats. It was a good day. Mummy was feeling better, and everyone fed me.

Mummy says that we are all set for the hike. She was worried that I wouldn’t have been able go. But once Dr. Hotham gave the OK, the plans were still on. I still don’t know what this hike is going to be about, but if Mummy is there and she has my carrots, I think it will be all right!