Adorable Dogs Are My Weakness

Kryptonite is a weakness for Superman. It stops him from being powerful and makes him weak, unable to fight. Dogs are like my kryptonite. They make me weak. Not like the way kryptonite makes Superman weak, but in another way. When I see a cute dog, I can’t help but fall madly in love. That’s why I’m not allowed in shelters. Whenever I see the dogs and their big brown eyes looking at me with their adorable little tails wagging, I melt, and I want them all. I become weak. Who cares if I have two dogs and five cats at home: I can take home three more, right? Wrong. I am not allowed to go to animal shelters anymore because I send pictures to my mom and beg her to let me bring this one home. The answer is always no, and I always leave the shelter with a broken heart.

Apparently I can’t look at dogs online either. It gets me the same way. For my marketing class, I am marketing to dog hiking groups and animal shelters, to see if they want to join the Appalachian Trail Adventure. Last week I was looking at all the animal shelters in the towns that are near the trail. All the websites had an available adoptee page, where you could look at the animals up for adoption. That’s where I found him. The most perfect thing I have ever seen. His name was Archie. He is a Jack Russell Terrier and the love of my life. His picture seemed to show his spunky personality perfectly. I of course took a picture of him and sent it to my mom. She also was in love, I could tell. Who wouldn’t be with his adorable little face?

I am learning a lot as I work along with my class and Dr. J as we prepare for the Appalachian Trail Adventure. I am learning things about myself and learning that I can do anything that I set my mind to. This past week I learned that I shouldn’t click on the available adoptees page on the animal shelters’ website. So I leave you with this: if there is no blog from me next week, I’ll be in Pennsylvania stealing Archie.

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