Don’t Say It If You Don’t Mean It

I jinxed myself a couple of weeks ago. I was with my family at my grandmother’s house for our weekly card night on Fridays. The conversation landed on the topic of flu shots and if anyone is going to get one. I am not the person who likes shots all that much, so I said that I wasn’t going to get one.

I was then told that I should so I don’t get sick. Then I said it. The one thing that jinxed me. I said that I don’t care. I want to get sick. I’d like to have a week off of school and not have to go to work. I of course was joking, but I really wish I had not said it.

That Sunday night, I felt my throat become scratchy. Thinking it was just allergies, I got my bags ready for class the next day and went to sleep. When I woke up it was a whole other world. My nose was stuffed and runny, my throat was even worse than the night before and I had the worst migraine. I was sick, and I was not happy like I said I would be the previous night.

The virus lasted all week long, and I was not able to go to any of my classes because I might have started sneezing 30 times in a row. I missed that entire week of classes, and now I am pretty behind. I did think of ideas for my marketing plan, but only for a little while, because I spent most of my time sleeping.

Now that I am better, I am trying to get back in gear and get all my work caught up. It’s been hard with all of my classes and having to go to work. I have a good idea for marketing to shelters along the Appalachian Trial: I am going to bring up the concept of adopting a dog for a day. That would be where people can go to the shelter, grab a dog and bring it to the trail and hike with Dr. J. I have had this idea for a couple of weeks, but being sick, I didn’t do much on the idea. Now I am ready to research more on this topic and figure out ways I can get the shelters’ attention.

The moral of this blog post is don’t jinx yourself like I did. Don’t say you want to get sick because trust me, you will. It will be horrible and even though you will get to sleep all day, it won’t be fun. Missing class is not fun. Trust me, I have so much more work I have to catch up on.

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