Don’t Just Tell ’Em. Show ’Em.

Have you ever tried to explain something to someone that was unexplainable? I mean, that no matter how you phrased it, you just couldn’t seem to do it justice? I think we’ve all been there. It’s pretty frustrating, right? But it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes, instead of using words, it’s easier to show people what we mean.

The concept of BEYOND LIMITS is kind of like this. It’s not really a difficult concept, but it can be hard to describe. We don’t have a particular audience. We don’t exclude anyone. We welcome everyone. Our target audience isn’t just people with physical disabilities or mental disabilities. Our audience is, simply, people. We want to help everyone realize and live out his or her full potential.

So how do you get your message across? How about living it? Instead of trying to explain our message to people, we at BEYOND LIMITS want to physically show people that if they want to do something, then they can do it. That’s what the Appalachian Trail Adventure 2017 is about. We are building a community by inviting people to join us. That is what I am trying to do as a member. I want to reach out and get people involved.

So, I’m inviting you all, right now, to check us out. Or better yet, come out and see what we are about. This adventure is something that’s only going to happen once. Don’t let yourselves miss out on something that could have changed and enriched your lives. You are all capable of amazing things. Come take a walk with us and explore all of the opportunities that your lives have to offer.

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