Our Weekly University Times Meeting!

Every Tuesday, we are lucky enough to attend the University Times– UMPI’s newspaper– in its meetings. Yesterday was extra special, though, because we got to wear our snazzy club T-shirts! Mummy and her editor, Abi, helped us get dressed. The reason for the photoshoot was to get some updated pictures for the club’s tri-fold display board. They use this board to show people who aren’t in the club what they do. I think the real reason they had the photoshoot, though, was to make sure Dusty was included in photos, as the old pictures don’t include her.

Once we were dressed, I took up my usual spot on Mummy’s lap. This left Dusty unsure of where she could fit in, but our friends Alyssa and Tiffany were quick to help her find a spot. Getting posed for the pictures was easy for me, I just lay there. I didn’t want to make it look like I was trying too hard. Dusty had a little trouble: she’s still kind of too short. Tiffany had to help her stand up enough to see over Mummy.

We had a lot of fun, though. It was nice to see all our friends and take some nice photos. Abi said that she is going to print some off for Mummy’s classroom bulletin boards. We can’t wait to see what we’ll be doing at next week’s meeting!

A candid shot that Abi took of us all, family picture!
Us with Mummy and her students!

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