Saint On The Trail

Hello, everyone! Saint here – so sorry it’s taken me so long to update you on our trip, but boy has it been fun! Mummy and I hiked for a whole week. She told me we walked for 30 miles, but I felt like I could’ve gone for another week after! Let me tell you all about it!

After our long drive – and I mean long – we finally made it to Georgia. Mummy explained to me that this is where the Appalachian Trail begins. We had to do a funny loop on our first day; we went backward, to a place called Springer Mountain, before we started going back in the right direction, towards home! Isn’t that neat? Mummy said we had to do this because Springer Mountain is the official start of the Appalachian Trail. Then we had to get serious about our hiking.

Mummy was in her Jac Pack while I stayed on the ground. We had to use my leash whenever there were other people around, but sometimes I got to take it off and I could sneak ahead. There were so many new smells to find! I smelled so many different trees: hickory trees, poplar trees, sycamore trees, you name it! But I was a good girl and didn’t disturb them. Just a few sniffs and then I found other things to inspect!

I had so much fun smelling around and I also loved getting to smell and meet so many new people! Mummy and I had our group with us, so many nice people, but we also got to meet lots of hikers while we were on the trail. They were always friendly and loved hearing our stories. Some of them even said they would follow us, but I didn’t see anyone behind us. I think they might’ve meant a different type of follow.

When it got dark, Mummy and I enjoyed spending time around the campfire, cooking dinner, and listening to stories from the other people in our group. It was so much fun to hear everyone laughing and see their bright smiles. These people really are so interesting. But I also miss Mummy’s students and my friends in Maine. I’m sure we’ll see them soon, though!

After the campfires burned down, Mummy and I got to sleep in our tent on our fancy bed. It was so comfy and soft and warm I thought about asking Mummy to let me have it for myself when we get home! I wonder if she’ll let me. I’m so good about not scratching it with my claws and I always leave room for Mummy.

It’s been a few weeks now since we’ve been on the trail and I can’t wait to get back out there! The trail is always fun and exciting and there are so many new experiences to have! I hope to meet more people soon and I promise I won’t wait so long to let you know what Mummy and I are doing next time. What an amazing adventure we’re on!

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