Hi everyone!  Saint here.  I’m so excited!  Today we are having company!  Mummy said one of her human friends is coming over to see me and take my picture.  She must know how photogenic I am.

Saint's HomeI can’t wait until she gets here.  Mummy said that I can show her my bed and my treadmill and all of my favorite things.  Oh!  I hear the doorbell.  She’s here!!  I want to run and wag my tail at the door, but I need to wait for Mummy.  She needs my help.  I have to shut the door to the moving closet that brings Mummy up and down stairs.  The ride is quick and as soon as Mummy tells me, “Tug.” I pull on the handle to open the door to let us out. I am all wiggly waiting to see our visitor.

I tug on my rope handle and the door opens.  Oh!  It’s our friend, Kelly.  I like Kelly!  She pets me and lets me lick her legs.  I like that.  Mummy gets cold and has to wear lots of clothing, but Kelly’s legs and paws have skin showing a lot.  She doesn’t have any fur though.  Humans are different.

I can tell that our friend is very impressed with my talents.  She takes my picture opening the door and greeting her.  But first, even though I am familiar with Kelly, I have to smell her.  After all, I need to make sure she smells safe for Mummy.  That’s my job.  She smells like cookies today.  We decide to let her in.

Mummy says we can show our visitor how I help get my breakfast.  While Mummy prepares my food, I show Kelly my feeding station.  It’s pretty fancy.  It’s shiny and clean and has two bowls, one for water and one for food.  I can tell that she likes it.  Mummy calls me.  I need to open the big white box where she keeps my carrots.  I love carrots!  They are my favorite.  I show Kelly how I open the door and retrieve my carrots and give them to Mummy.  I wait patiently for her to take a few out of the bag before I take the bag and put it back in the box.  It’s hard to wait.  I forget to shut the door.  Mummy reminds me.  “Saint, Nudge!”  I push the door shut and sit on my rug until Mummy says I can eat.  Kelly says I’m a good girl.

Saint's HomeAfter breakfast, Mummy wants to show Kelly our moving closet.  She calls it a vertical lift and explains that it takes us up and down stairs.  It’s not very big.  Once Mummy backs her wheelchair in, I have to pull the door closed and walk in backwards and wait beside her.  There is no room for Kelly.  She has to take the stairs.  I feel bad she can’t ride with us.

Once upstairs, I show Kelly my bed.  I bring her my stuffed squirrel and show her how awesome it is.  I shake it a few times and throw it up in the air to make her laugh.  Mummy is all business though: she says it’s time to run.  Ohhh I love to run.  We already did this once today, so today is a special day.  I get to run on my treadmill twice. Kelly should come more often.

All of this excitement must have made Mummy tired though: she wanted to get in bed and take a nap.  She doesn’t usually do this, but I help her anyway.  She lifts herself from her chair to the bed and then calls for me.  “Saint, Nudge!”

I gently push her feet and legs until they are in the correct positions, then wait for Mummy.  “Saint, Wedge.”  This is my favorite part.  I jump on the bed and snuggle up close to Mummy’s legs.  This keeps her from rolling onto her back when she sleeps. Mummy says that it’s very important I do this, but I don’t mind.  It’s very comfy curled up next to Mummy.  I’m getting a little sleepy.

Mummy’s nap didn’t last long though.  I think she got hot.  After we got up, she wanted to take her sweater off.  I gently tugged and pulled on her sleeves until she was able to remove her arms and get it off.   Kelly seemed very impressed.  I wondered if her dog couldn’t do the things I do for Mummy.

After a while, Kelly had to go.  We had showed her my backyard and my van and lots of other cool things that my house has.  It was a lot of fun having company today.  Kelly rubbed my belly and I licked her bare paws again before she left.  I hope she comes again soon.

Next week, Mummy and I are going on another adventure.  We are going to go for a long ride and talk to lots of other humans about our big hike.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it!