Exploring in Our Own Backyard!

Hi everyone, Dusty here! I hope you all are safe and well! There’s a lot of sad things happening in the world, which has caused Mummy’s classes to go online. So we can’t see her students anymore which is very sad for us, but it’s for the best. Some of you may know we had a trip to Washington, D.C,. planned with some of Mummy’s students. But that got cancelled, which was sad, but we still wanted to do something. So Mummy, Saint, me, and Mummy’s oldest students hopped in the van and went on an adventure!

We drove all the way up to Fort Kent! We stopped in a town called Van Buren and we saw a super big moose statue, but I got to play in some snow, which I love to do! When we got to Fort Kent, we went to this restaurant called the Swamp Buck, which was very nice. The staff and people there were so, so friendly! There was a man who asked Mummy lots of questions about us!

After that, we went to the beginning of Route 1, America’s first mile! That was very cool to see. Then we got back in the van and headed back to Presque Isle. I loved being in the van because I got to give lots of love and kisses to one of Mummy’s students! After getting back to PI, we grabbed something called a 360 camera and Mummy’s student took some pictures with it. Then we went to Gram Russo’s for dinner. It was a great day and a great farewell! Saint, Mummy and I hope to see you all soon! Love and kisses, Dusty.

Kicking Off Spring in the Best Way

Hello, friends!! Saint here. I’m so glad it’s finally sunny out! I love the sun and being able to play outside without my boots! Anyway, the month of May just started and Mummy and I kicked off the new month (and the new weather) in the best way!
May 1st was a Tuesday, so Mummy had a full day of classes, which is always so much fun!! I love seeing all of my friends throughout the day! We also had the end of the semester potluck for the University Times, and there was SO MUCH FOOD! There was a huge sandwich, cookies, and fruit! I wish I could have had some, but none of those things are good for me.
After a full day of classes, Mummy and I had one of my favorite things to do: A Facebook Live Event! I get to see even more of my friends! Plus, I’m not wearing my gear during these events so I get lots of pats. I even got a belly tickle!! This Facebook Live was about The Sisterhood, who are the women who help Mummy and me go on our adventures! We were missing some people, but Aunt Kimmie and my friend Pam Easler were there! It was such a blast to see everyone! I love doing Facebook Live Events!

What’s your favorite way to connect with friends?? Do you love spring just as much as I do?? I love you all!

Facebook Live

Hello, everyone! Saint here. Tuesday was a super exciting day for Mummy and me! After a full day of going with Mummy to classes and seeing all my friends, we had something else very exciting to do! Some of Mummy’s students came to Mummy’s office to see us and we did something called a Facebook Live Event. It was a lot of fun, except for the fact that Mummy put me in my booties and coat, but I didn’t mind too much. Mummy got me those booties a few years ago because the snow and salt hurts my paws. Mummy always looks out for me: she’s the best!
During the Facebook Live Event, Mummy and her students talked about BEYOND LIMITS and they asked a bunch of questions about me! Mummy kept on saying that the Live Event was about me, which was very exciting. That’s why she had me in my winter gear. One of Mummy’s students dressed in his winter gear too, so I didn’t feel too bad about having it on.
During the Live Event, I kept on running over to my bed because I was SO TIRED, but Mummy kept telling me no, and I’m glad she did. Even though it was a long day, I had tons of fun!!
I do need to get lots of rest though because Mummy and I are going on a big adventure next week. We’re driving to Kentucky and going on a hike! Make sure you stay tuned for that.
Have you guys ever done a Facebook Live Event? Do you have any Winter Gear? What do you Love about Winter? I love you all!