A Day at the Ballpark (again)

Hello everyone! It’s Saint and Dusty again. We wanted to share our time watching the UMPI Baseball team play some home games this week. Mummy had some difficulties getting into the parking lot on Saturday because there was no spot reserved for her like usual! But if you know our Mummy, you know that she finds a way for her family.  

Mummy found a spot and we made our way to the field. When we arrived there was a mesh blocking behind home plate where we usually sit. This made it impossible to see the games from our usual seats. So Mummy tried to move close to the dugout to watch the game. This made it to where we could see but Mummy still could not. There was a yellow thing one of fencing right at eye level for her. We ended up leaving early because Mummy was hurting her back trying to look at the game. 

The next day we went back to try and watch the games again. This time, there was a spot reserved for us and part of the blocking behind the home plate was taken down by our spots! This made us all so happy as we could stay and watch part of the games even though it was pretty cold and chilly. Mummy loves to get to watch her family play baseball and we love getting outside so it’s a win for everybody! 

Thanks for joining us again for this story from us! Take care and be well! 

Hugs and Wags, 

Saint and Dusty 

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