A Day at the Ballpark

   Hello everyone! Saint and Dusty here. We hope you are doing well since our last post, we certainly are! The snow is melting and the temperatures are rising. We can’t wait for warmer temperatures so we can go outside in it!!! Speaking of nicer weather, we wanted to tell you about the baseball scrimmage we attended with Mummy this past fall. It was a blast! We got to watch some of the boys that Mummy has as student play on the baseball field with a ball! It’s like they know that we love to play with tennis balls!! We almost couldn’t contain our excitement as the ball kept moving around the field so quickly! It was like this giant game of fetch back and forth that they were playing with each other the whole time.  

     But that’s not even the best part of the game! One of the coaches was cooking sausages for the team for after the game (how did they know we love sausages too!) and we were soooooo excited because we wanted a sausage too, but that’s when the coach told Mummy, “it looks like we only have enough for the boys tonight”. We were so bummed! How could they cook sausages right in front of us the whole time and not offer us one! That’s just so unfair! It didn’t ruin our spirits though. The game was lots of fun anyway and we had a great time with Mummy as usual!      

     Be on the lookout for our next blog to see what adventures we talk about next and thank you for tuning in this week!! 

Hugs and Wags, 

Saint and Dusty 

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