Saturday, in the Park

Hello Everyone!  Saint and Dusty here.  We wanted to tell you about the lovely time that we had at the Grande Prairie Museum in Grande Prairie, Alberta.  It’s located in Muskoseepi Park.  We went there on August 6, 2022, a lovely Saturday.  It seemed as though all of Grande Prairie was there that day.  The people really love to get out and use the city’s facilities!

Right beside the museum is a heritage village made up of historic structures from the region.  It has houses, cabins, churches, a post office, a livery stable, blacksmith shop, trading post, school, and much more. 

Here’s a photo of us lying beside a display of some of the wildlife you find in Alberta.  We prefer being outdoors and around live animals.  But this was the next best thing. 

We also have a funny story to share.  Our Journey consisted of many long days of driving.  We are good company for moral support, but we’re not very lively on a trip: mostly we curl up in the back and sleep.  Driving with no one to talk with, Mummy needs something to listen to in order to stay alert.  Mostly she was able to listen to satellite radio.  But that did not work in Alaska and a large part of the Yukon Territory.  Mummy has lots of classical music on her phone.  The only lively, rock ‘n’ roll music on her phone, though, was The Eagles Greatest Hits.  On the trip from Alaska into the Yukon, she probably played that album at least two dozen times.  She now knows every word and breath for all the songs. 

Mummy still likes the Eagles.  But she was glad to get satellite radio back and have some variety.  When we were at Muskoseepi Park, though, someone was having a picnic—any playing The Eagles Greatest Hits!  We all had to laugh.  Mummy said that the Eagles must be following us.  :>)

Until the next time, take care.  Be well.  Wags and hugs.

Saint and Dusty

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