Maine Veterinary Medical Center: A Very Caring Place

Hello Everyone!  Saint and Dusty here.  BEYOND LIMITS believes that although we all have limits in our lives, there are often ways to transcend them.  Sometimes we impose the limits on ourselves when we don’t see the opportunities that they can yield.  We had one such great opportunity on August 31, 2022, when we went to the Maine Veterinary Medical Center.

Saint will be 14 at the end of the year, which would be like 98 in people years.  So she can’t hear or see so well anymore.  Although Dusty is still a baby at 5, she has developed a seizure disorder.  Our local vet is wonderful.  He is not a specialist, though.  So Mummy decided to take us to MVMC where they have specialists who could work with us and perhaps give us some help.

MVMC is a wonderful place.  It’s in Scarborough on a beautiful spot.  The people who work there are lovely and kind.  It’s sort of far from where we live, so Mummy took us most of the way there the day before so that we would be in plenty of time for our appointments.  We’re pretty expert at staying in hotels by now.  :>).

There are no magic cures for either of us.  There are some things that Mummy can do for us that may help us be more comfortable, though.  The folks at MVMC will keep track of our progress.

We don’t want to be immodest, but all the doctors and staff at MVMC thought that we were the best girls.  Several of them wanted to keep us.  That was really flattering.  But we wouldn’t consider it. Who would take care of Mummy if we weren’t with her? 

We are including a photo of Dusty’s Neurologist, Amy Hodson, DVM.  She is on the floor with us, cuddling and playing. 

Our next blog should have more trip memories.  We’re Mummy’s babies, so we don’t let anything stop us.

Take care.  Be well.  Hugs and wags.

Dusty and Saint

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