Seeing All My Fans

Hi guys! Saint here. So, I don’t know if you know this, but Mummy and I are back from the Appalachian Trail for a little while. Even though I loved being with Mummy and exploring the world, I am more than happy to be back home in Maine, being able to sleep all day and see all my friends again!

Speaking of my friends, we got to see Mummy’s students again! They all were so happy to see me. They were petting me and talking to me: my tail wouldn’t stop wagging. The best part was that I didn’t have my vest on, so I could go visit with them as much as I wanted! I was being such a good girl that Mummy even gave me some carrots for my good behavior!

Some days Mummy and I don’t go to school. We stay at home. I thought that was a little funny, because Mummy was always in her office or talking to her students in her classroom before we left for the hike. Mummy says that she got some time off from her regular teaching so that she can write and talk about BEYOND LIMITS. I’m not complaining though. There’s nothing better than being home with Mummy, sleeping the day away with all my toys.

The days that we do make our way to school, I know that we will be able to see Mummy’s students. Like I said, they love me so much. They are my biggest fans. Well, apart from Mummy, who is my number one fan. I love being with Mummy and the students. When I want to sleep, I can. When I want to go say hello, I can. Then when it’s time for Mummy and me to go home, it’s back to service dog duty. We head home, where my vest can come off again and I can play and sleep all I want.

Even though I miss all of the friends we met when we were on the trail, I know seeing me makes Mummy’s students extra happy. And that makes me the happiest dog.

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