The Best Way to Keep Cool

Hello everyone—Saint here. Summer is coming! That means that it’s time to really think about water.  Do you guys know how critical water is? Could you imagine what would happen without water in our lives? Have you ever figured how much water you drink each day? I did a rough calculation of my need for water each day. Now I realize that I need more water in summer and on days when I’m really active because I need water to cool my body when it’s hot.

At home I have several bowls with water that help me to save energy. Now I really know how important it is to drink lots and lots of water when the sun beats down, because I spend much time hiking with my Mummy every day. More water makes my body cool as soon as possible so I will have more energy to hike with Mummy. I need more water now. I see Mummy always brings a big bottle with enough water to save her and my energy. Roughly now my water intake is two times more than when we were at UMPI.

Anyway, Saint wants to remind you all to drink more water, in time. Water is the source of life and the link that binds all living beings on this planet. No creatures cannot survive without water. The body’s need for water is second only to its need for oxygen. Not only should you drink enough water daily to keep your body healthy. Also, please make sure that you’re drinking enough after running or hiking, especially in the summer months.

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