Warmer Weather

Hi guys! Saint here. Wow, what a difference in the weather we have here in Virginia. It is really nice and warm! Unlike Maine, where it’s cold all the time. When we were in Maine, Mummy would bundle up in so many jackets to go outside. Here in Virginia, she doesn’t have to! I think Mummy likes the warmer weather. I like it too! Nothing better than sleeping in a nice, warm place!

We are still waiting to go back on the trail. I heard Mummy telling her students back in Maine that we would be heading back to Maine for a little bit. I think Mummy said it has something to do with equipment issues, but I really don’t know what that means. But it must be important since we are heading all the way back home. I am very excited to see all our friends again. I’ve missed the students too. They always smell so good and pet me when I walk over to them. I can tell they really like me, which is good because I really like them!

Even though I am excited to head back to Maine, I am a little sad that we won’t be hiking for a little bit. Mummy and I have met so many new friends and I will miss all of them. And even though there is nothing I love more than taking many naps in a day, I will miss being out on the trail. There are all kinds of new places to go and things to smell, it’s never a dull moment! It is so much fun being on the trail surrounded by so many beautiful things! I will miss it so much! But Mummy says after a couple of weeks in Maine, we will be heading back onto the trail. I hope we meet up with old friends and meet new ones as well. It will be fun being back on the trail, and I can’t wait to see what new adventures unfold! Be sure to keep up with my blogs, I will be telling all kinds of fun stories in the future! Bye for now!

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