The Jac-Pack

Hi everyone!  Saint here.  I’m super excited today!  Mummy says we are going to the park for a practice hike.  I love the park.  There is a lot of green grass and fresh air.  We don’t get to go very often, so this is extra special.  I can hardly wait!

It’s time to go and we get into our car.  I let Mummy go first and then I hop up on my seat.  It’s a short ride and I watch out the window.  Did I mention this is exciting?

Mummy says we are meeting some of our friends and that we are going to try out some new equipment for our big hike.  She seems happy about that.  So if Mummy is happy, I am happy.

We’re here!!  Oh the park is so nice!  The sun is shining and it’s a lovely day outside.  Mummy sees our friends and waves.  Soon we are all together chatting about the hike.  I sniff the area for a bit and then lie down to wait.  I don’t venture far from Mummy.  She might need me.

One of the male humans, Chad, is holding something that gets my attention.  It’s a seat with handles.  He’s pointing to different buckles and saying how it looks different from before.

“Before what?” I wonder.  All the other humans seem interested, too, but I decide to rest my eyes.  The sun feels so good on my back.   It makes me a little sleepy.

After a quick nap, I open my eyes and Chad, the tall male human, is wearing the seat on his back.  Now I am very interested.  I remember that the last time I saw this was when Mummy climbed Mount Katahdin and rode in something like that.  That made me very nervous.  I was scared she would get hurt.

I have to get up and investigate.  I start sniffing around and walking near Mummy.  I’m nervous.  Oh no!  The other humans are picking Mummy up and putting her in the seat on Chad’s back.  I don’t like this, but I stay out of the way.  I don’t want them to drop Mummy.

I keep a good watch.  Thankfully they get her strapped in nice and secure and she’s smiling.  I tilt my head a little so I can see better.  Mummy is awfully high.

In fact, Mummy says this too.  I think she is uncomfortable.  The humans talk some more, but I don’t take my eyes off Mummy.  I hope she is safe.

Phew!  They are taking her out.  She’s now safely back in her chair, so I go over and try to get in her lap.  She reaches out and tells me it’s OK.  That makes me feel better, so I find a comfy spot on the grass beside her and watch quietly.

Soon the girl human, Amy, comes over lugging a new seat.  It looks like the backpack that parents carry their small humans in.  Mummy says it’s a baby carrier.

I’m keeping a close watch this time, but before I know it Mummy is in the seat.  She’s a little big for it, but she still fits.   Good thing she’s not very big. Chad and Joey, another male human, say it’s a lot more comfortable to wear.  Mummy agrees, although she says it’s too tight.

They start walking around the park giving Mummy a ride.  I walk with them.  Mummy seems a little safer in this one, but I still need to make sure she is OK.  She is laughing, though, so I think she is having a good time.

Soon we are done and Mummy is back in her chair and they decide to call it a day. They need to go back and make some adjustments.  I’m not sure, but I think they are trying to make this new seat safer and more comfortable for Mummy’s big hike.  I guess I’d better get used to it.

For now, though, I’m exhausted.  It was a lot of work keeping Mummy safe today.  I think I’ll take a little nap on the ride home.

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