Mummy’s Arms and Legs

Hi there! I’m Saint, and Mummy and I are going on an adventure! We are going to hike the Appalachian Trail. I don’t really know what that is, but Mummy says it’s a very long walk outside and that we get to sit by campfires and sleep in tents. I just love tents! They have so many smells! It’s very exciting.

Saint the dogMummy says that our adventure will take us through 14 states. She says that we will begin our adventure in Georgia and hike our way back home to Maine. I think that must be a long way because she sure is doing a lot of planning. I even have a special mission. I get to keep her safe.

Taking care of Mummy is my job, and I love it! I get to help her get dressed, open doors and pick things up when she can’t reach them. I am very special. I am her legs and her arms whenever she needs me to be. And when I’m tired, she lets me climb up into her lap and get hugs. She has a very comfy lap – it makes me fall asleep. Mummy says I snore quite loud. She always tells the truth, but between you and me – I’ve never heard me snore!

I won’t be able to climb on her lap like that on our adventure though. Mummy says her power wheelchair won’t work on the trail. She’ll have a special hiking wheelchair that people can help her with for smoother parts of the trail. And lots of time she has to ride on other humans and they will be her legs for this journey. This makes me nervous, but Mummy is very brave, so I have to smell these humans out really well first. After all, they have to smell good if they are going to take care of my Mummy. It’s my duty to make sure Mummy is safe. Wherever she goes, I go, and when she is resting I stand guard. She thinks I’m sleeping, too, but I always have one eye watching. It’s a very important job and I’m very good at it. I’m a very lucky dog.

We have a lot to do to get ready for our trip. Mummy has to talk to some very important humans to coordinate the six-to-seven-month long journey. While she is busy doing that, I get to sniff everyone and check out a lot of new places. I can tell a lot about places and people by their smell. Did you know that I can smell how you feel? It’s true! I can smell whether you are happy or sad or whether you’re going to take good care of Mummy. I’m very talented. You won’t fool me.

Next week, Mummy says we are going to our first speaking event. She’s very good at communication. She’s going to explain to other humans how important our adventure is. I can’t wait! I get to go for a ride! Woo Hoo! Join me next time to see where we go and what Mummy talks about!

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