The Day That Would Never End

Hello everyone! Saint and Dusty here. It has been over six months, but we thought we’d talk about one of the strangest days of our lives! Last summer, Mummy loaded up the van Mummy calls Miracle with all sorts of food and clothes. We weren’t sure where we were going, but we knew it would
be for a long time. We’ve been on long road trips before with Mummy, but knew this one was different. She even packed a little fridge in the back!

After many long days of traveling and staying in many different bedrooms, one day seemed to never end. We began riding on this very bumpy road. Dust was flying up on both sides of Miracle. Mummy seemed a little bit stressed. The little handle on the steering wheel kept popping off and Mummy kept having to put it back on. We knew we would stop eventually, but the day kept dragging on. We were content to spend most of the day sleeping as usual, but we kept waking up and it seemed like we were still
in the same spot of the road. It all looked the same!

Eventually, very very late at night, we woke up and heard Mummy talking to a man. “You’ve still got four hours to go!” we heard the man say. Finally, we had an idea how much time was left. That’s only about three classes worth. We knew we could sleep through the rest.

When we woke up again, we heard Mummy talking to another man who spoke like he was very important. There were huge fences with big round circles on top of them. We haven’t seen anything like that in Maine. We heard Mummy say she was trying to find the hotel, and the man tell her this was a military compound. All sorts of other men we noticed were holding big guns! Suddenly, the day went from long to strange. Eventually, the man was nice and helped give Mummy directions to the hotel. Finally, the day that seemed like it would never end, ended. We knew Mummy would get us wherever we were going, and we never worried. That’s Mummy’s job!

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