Boston or Bust

Hello, Everyone.  Saint and Dusty here!  We’re sorry that we haven’t blogged in quite a while.  We promise to try to do better. 

We’ve been really busy getting ready for our big adventure.  Abi helped us a lot during this past academic year.  There was so much planning to be done.  Since school let out in May, we have been working hard to implement many of the plans.  We have to take most of our food and medicine with us.  We have been doing LOTS of packing.  Actually, Mummy does the packing.  But we help by watching her—we think that it encourages her. 

Last week we had the chance to do a little trial run for our big trip.  It was our first trip outside of Maine in a long time.  First we stopped and gave our van, Miracle, a spa day at Mobility Works.  She felt re-energized after that.  Then we went onto Boston. 

While we were in Boston, we went to see Mummy’s doctor at Mass General, Dr. Gomery.  During the pandemic, Mummy had only been able to meet with him through Zoom.  It was really great to see him again.  He’s a good doctor.  And he loves us: Saint and Dusty.  Mummy took a cute photo of us all to share.

Afterwards, we were able to go see Mummy’s sister, Aunt Sharon.  Because of the pandemic, we hadn’t been able to see her for a few years, either.  Aunt Sharon is really good to us.  She had a feeding station for us with lots of fresh water and plenty of carrots.  We even got to see Aunt Sharon’s daughter, Megan, her husband, Brian, and their little boys.  We loved playing with the little boys.  And wow, did Dusty ever run around like a wild critter in their fenced backyard! 

Things went so well and it was such good practice for the upcoming big trip.  Please stay tuned for more on that next week.

Hugs and wags and kisses.

Saint and Dusty

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