Ready for a New Adventure

Hello everyone. Saint here. I know that it’s been a long time since we reached out to you. I’m very sorry about that: I can’t really type and Mummy’s been so busy with school that I hate to ask her to type for me. But now that we’re getting ready for our next great adventure, Mummy said that she would just have to take time so that our friends and loved ones can follow along.

We’re getting ready for a very long trip. Mummy calls it “BEYOND LIMITS: Back to the Roots Journey.” She explained that it got its name because we are going to travel west to where Mummy’s daddy and all of his family was from.

We’re going to a conference in Denver. Then we’ll continue on to Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Montana. Mummy wants to pay it forward and pay it backward. She wants to thank the land and its people for helping make her who she is. She wants to spread the BEYOND LIMITS core that Challenge is an Opportunity and that together, there is nothing that we cannot do.

We are sure to have so many amazing experiences.

We also want to advocate for social justice and equity. Mummy says that everyone has the right to travel and gain lodging. Yet this is really hard for so many people—particularly those with physical challenges. So we plan to really push and see what is possible right now—and what needs to become possible.

Mummy says that we need to do this because we are so lucky. We need to advocate for those who cannot.

And we’re sure to have lots and lots of adventures.

I am sharing a few photos with you from our getting ready.

Mummy’s primary care giver, Mary Coffin, is retiring. So Mummy took a photo of me with her.

I also had a surprise surgery on my paw. I was very brave but I was worried about Mummy all day. She really needs me, so I don’t know how she managed. I was glad to get back on duty.

Our friend Brandy came to see us. She just graduated from UMPI and is getting ready to start a new chapter in her life. She’s become part of our family over the last four years. We will really miss her. But she did promise to come back to see us.

I must be about the luckiest service animal ever. Mummy and I have such good times. I hope that you will follow along and help us build and maintain our terrific community.

I’ll try to write again soon.

Saint Says Good-Bye to Brandy for a Little While--5.30.2019

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