Greeting Accepted Students

Hi, guys! I recently went to Accepted Student Day at UMPI. It’s where people accepted to the school get to come and meet with professors, learn about campus and interact with clubs and students. Since Mummy goes to meet potential students, I get to go too. It was really fun this year, it was great last year too. Mummy, some of her students and I all went to greet new people interested in UMPI. It was really great meeting so many new people. They all seemed excited to meet me too. Mummy and her students explained to accepted students what we do in the PCJ program and in the U Times. It was nice hearing them explain all the great things we’re doing for the community and the experience mummy’s students have gained along the way.
Some parts were a little slow for my taste because I’m already an expert when it comes to what goes on in PCJ classes since I’m in them all. Since I already knew about things, there were some moments where I was able to catch a few quick naps, which was just what I needed between all the excitement. Everyone else stayed very busy though, moving around campus and interacting with one other. I can’t wait to see all the new students next semester. I sure will miss them until then though!

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