On The Way

Hi everyone! Saint here. Long time no see.  Good news: Mummy has a super car! Mummy got a new wheelchair: I think that is an amazing car! It’s blue–I like blue. Blue represents the ocean, the water. When I am lying beside Mummy’s wheelchair, I always fall into a deep sleep soon. I dream Mummy and I live by the sea. Not only is the new wheelchair faster than her old one, but also Mummy can put the back down when she wants to take a break. Also, the wheelchair can go up and down, which makes it convenient for my Mummy to do everything she wants to do.

Mummy’s wheelchair is not the only good news.  Do you guys know where Mummy and I are now? Ah, we started the Appalachian Trail Adventure!!

Could you guys imagine the amazing things that I experience these days? We’re going different places, seeing the various landscapes, meeting all kinds of people, learning a lot along the way.

I enjoy this wonderful journey with Mummy. Mummy and I already successfully started the Appalachian Trail Adventure in mid-March. Mummy and I spent nearly a week hiking with five interesting people who are Mummy’s friends.  There was her colleague from Clemson, Sean Williams, and four Clemson students: Brad Bradley, Lindsay Costin, Philip Gee and Jimmy Knot. We took a lot of amazing pictures on the way that Mummy said she would like to put on our BEYOND LIMITS website and social media.

Now, Mummy and I need to take a little break. We need to adjust or repair our equipment. Mummy and I are very exciting! Mummy said we have made a good start to our trip! Over the summer we will continue to hike.  Would you like to join us? Saint is here and Saint waiting for you!  Find out how to join us at www.beyondlimitsawaken.org.

Saint’s getting comfortable and doesn’t want to leave!

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