Drawing Inspiration

Hey guys! We’ve reached the halfway point of the semester and we’re making a lot of progress in the BEYOND LIMITS project! We are all working our hardest to get this thing rolling and it is starting to pay off. I am still having a hard time processing the fact that I am a part of this team of great individuals. The amount of work we’ve put into this project is unbelievable.

Josh has magnificently played the role of “gatekeeper” and has been responsible for putting out all the content. With the amount of stuff we generate, this is no easy task. The fact that Josh works, goes to school and still manages to devote hours to BEYOND LIMITS is an inspiration to the whole team.

Brandy and Monica have been doing an excellent job of reaching out to high schools and recent high school graduates. This is an important demographic because some of these young adults are looking for direction, and BEYOND LIMITS is a great pathway.

Erin has been making strides in her niche, which is building community between BEYOND LIMITS and individuals with disabilities or chronic conditions. This is a group that goes largely ignored and Erin has worked hard to establish connections with various groups and organizations.

Tong is the BEYOND LIMITS videographer and also the funnyman of the group. When Tong’s around, you’re almost guaranteed to laugh. He’s also has put a lot of work running the YouTube channel, and is steadily gaining subscribers.

Meghan is reaching out to various animal shelters across the Appalachian Trail. Her goal is to try to get as many involved through various methods, such as adopting a dog for a day on the AT trail. Not only is this a great way to spread awareness of BEYOND LIMITS, it may also create opportunities for these dogs to get adopted.

Kelly has been the source of advice for other students as she’s able to bring her own experiences to the table and is always making excellent suggestions. She has also given a voice to the most famous member of BEYOND LIMITS, Saint.

My niche is senior citizens.  I’m reaching out to them to help them realize that their life experiences make them incredibly valuable and that they can find many ways to be involved.

In essence, we all are bringing our own different skills together to achieve the overall goal of the BEYOND LIMITS Appalachian Trail Adventure: using the AT hike to help people realize that together, we can achieve anything.

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