Calling All Humans!

With everyone in class’s projects well under way, we’re all facing different struggles. Some struggle to meet the goals they’ve set for their projects, while others struggle to come up with new ideas for their project. Everyone’s projects for our Marketing Communication class involve getting people on board with BEYOND LIMITS. While everyone has the common goal to inform people about our organization, we each have different target audiences. Mine are seniors in high school and recent high school graduates. I want them to be involved with BEYOND LIMITS.  It’s a great community service opportunity and it could also be a life-changing experience. I’ve yet to find someone interested in our community, but I am hopeful: we’re all about overcoming struggles.

BEYOND LIMITS’ community obviously isn’t just for high schoolers, though: we want anyone and everyone to go on this journey with us. When I say “go on this journey,” I don’t mean that you have to come out and hike.  Follow our progress from home, send us fan mail, let us inspire you! We’d love to hear from you and learn your experiences involving going beyond your limits. Don’t be shy: no matter who you are, you can be a part of BEYOND LIMITS.

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