Overcome Your Challenges With Us

Life is about overcoming challenges. At any given point in your life you wake up each morning to face your own personal challenges. No matter what they may be, we at BEYOND LIMITS believe that you can handle them.

Last year was my first year of college and it was one of the biggest challenges I’d ever faced. My family lives about four hours away from where I go to school and they’re not helping me financially.  Last year was the first year in my life that I was on my own. I was putting myself through college which was a scary concept.

Lots of scary stuff happened last year, but because I faced the terrifying I got to experience the terrific. My family went through a lot last year and I wasn’t there to go through it with them. Two of my close family members ended up in the hospital while I was attending school four hours away.

There were times when things seemed unbearable and I honestly thought that I was going to have to go home and have to put college off for a little while.  But I decided to push myself, and I told myself that I could do it. It was hard to believe myself at first, but soon classes were over and the dean’s list came out and I was on it. I came to terms with my capabilities that day and accepted that I’m capable of whatever I put my mind to.

I’m a member of BEYOND LIMITS because I accomplished what I thought was impossible and I believe that others can too, no matter what it might be.

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