Laptop Issues

I could swear that my laptop hated me this past week. I don’t understand why: I take very good care of it. I have figured, though, that my laptop likes to work better up in my room rather than in my living room. So apparently it wants me to be a social outcast from my family. Either that or it just plain hates me.

This past week I had done a lot to do with our project for BEYOND LIMITS. I got all my emails sent out to the 19 potential volunteers that were given to me. That’s also where my laptop issues begin. I started my work (in my living room) and while I typed I noticed it was freezing. It would always come back, so I figured it would be fine. So I get my first email all done and ready to be sent. I go to push the send button and my laptop freezes. Then it informs me that there was an error, and it could not send. So I copied and pasted my email into a new one, and that time it worked. Thankfully I had to go to class, and my laptop worked better away from my house.

I got back to my house form work that night and worked on the emails until 10:30. After I was done I went over all of them to make sure I didn’t miss any. Remember how I said my first email didn’t send because there was an error? Apparently that was not the case. Everything seemed fine until I got to that one email, and it said I had two. Thinking that maybe I had gotten a response back and just didn’t see it, I opened the email. Then I saw that it sent to this person twice.

I hope that by reading this you don’t get discouraged when your laptop doesn’t work well. I learned that you just need to sit back and not throw it across the room. I have a lot more work to do with BEYOND LIMITS, so maybe it’s time to get a new laptop. One that actually likes me.

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