An Adventure and an Opportunity

My name is Monica Hewitt. I am a junior at the University of Maine at Presque Isle, and I am involved in the nonprofit program, BEYOND LIMITS: Awaken Your Potential. We are committed to helping all people recognize that if they persevere, they can accomplish amazing things.

Our foundress, Dr. Jacqui Lowman, is committed to helping people achieve the things that they never thought possible. And in 2017, from March to October, she, along with a group of volunteers, will hike the Appalachian Trail, start to finish. Even though she is unable to walk, this has never stopped her. And even though she will not be hiking in the traditional sense of the word, it is not an issue. This will bring people together. Together, a group of hikers will take turns carrying Dr. Lowman on some of the harsher and more difficult parts of the trail. At other times, she will be using a wheelchair, so hikers will take turns with either helping to push or just walking beside her. In doing so, they will learn lessons in teamwork and will build relationships they never had before.

We are currently recruiting volunteers for this hike. There are other things besides hiking that one can volunteer for. We also need trail coordinators and trail support volunteers. On the BEYOND LIMITS website,, you can find descriptions of these different positions. There is something for everyone to do. We will also be very present on social media, and you can follow us there. But that will never compare to going on this adventure with us. We want you, and you will be an important member of our team.

Now, as a college student myself, I am reaching out to other college students. Whether you’re still in college, or you’re finished but aren’t quite ready to jump into the job market just yet, why not come spend the summer with us? This could be a great opportunity for you to earn some college credit if you are still a student. And if you aren’t, this could be an opportunity for self-enrichment.

We all could use some self-betterment, no matter what. This doesn’t make us bad. It just means we’re human. We need to grow. Why not grow with a great group of people on a journey together? Come join us. You’ll be glad you did.

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