Here’s to the Crazy Ones

Have you ever said to yourself that one day you want to accomplish something great or cool or even just show the world what you’re made of? I know I’ve had those daydreams that one day (hopefully soon) I’ll prove my worth and acquire at least some mild amount of fame. All it takes to reach your goals is persistence—trust me, I’ve seen it.

I’m a student and work study of Dr. J, and late last year I was sitting in her office when she revealed to me that she’d be thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. Since then I’ve poured many hours into helping her plan the hike. This past summer, after days of logistical planning with Dr. J, I noticed something. Not once has she ever had any doubt that she’s thru-hiking the AT.

Since the day she set her mind on the hike almost every word out of her mouth has been about the trail. She’s rolled into the office early in the morning for months with a full supply of drive and willpower, only to return home at night still hungry for hiking. Her obsessive thirst to hike the AT gives her laser like focus. Even if she doesn’t end up hiking the AT, her sheer determination has been quite the spectacle, one that has kept me asking why can’t I be like that?

Your dream may not be hiking the Appalachian Trail, but we all at some point end up getting in the way of our own dreams. What I’m trying to get at is that there are no barriers for Dr. J, which can be scary at times but also a bit inspiring. I mean when was the last time you let nothing stop you from accomplishing a goal?

So the next time you think you CAN’T do something, just look at how far she’s come with her adventure. When you get those pangs of doubt remember to take a cue from Dr. J. All it takes to make things happen is being stubborn, being persistent and being a little crazy.

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