On to the Next Adventure!

Garrett DeLong

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog, but that doesn’t mean that the BEYOND LIMITS team and I haven’t been staying busy. It’s been one busy semester with the organization and I want to share some of my experiences with you guys.
First off, we are already on our way to do our next adventure. This summer, Dr. J and Saint are going cross-country throughout the western United States with their van, Miracle. We are calling it “Going Back to the Roots.” The idea started because Dr. J is attending a conference in Denver, Colorado, in June. Dr. J thought that driving cross-country would be a perfect opportunity to visit her father’s hometown in Utah and pay her respects in his honor. She is also using this opportunity to stop and visit in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming: three places that she has always wanted to visit.
I think that this adventure is inspiring for so many reasons. For one, Dr. J is channeling her family ancestors because over a century ago, they literally walked across the country to the state of Utah. She is literally “going back to her roots.”
It’s also inspiring because this will bring awareness of handicap-accessible vehicles like Miracle. Many people assume that if you have physical challenges you cannot operate a vehicle, and this is simply not the case
Right now, Brandy and I are compiling a list of places throughout the four states where Dr. J and Saint could potentially speak. We think that many people will find their story to be very inspiring.
Needless to say, we’ve been staying very busy! That’s it for me right now. I’ll start posting a blog weekly to keep you guys updated on the process we are going through planning this trip. Hope you all have a good weekend!

Toys for life!

Hi everyone! Saint here. I hope you are all doing well and having fun! I want to tell you guys about some of my favorite toys. Mummy keeps my toys in a big box for me, but my favorite toys Mummy leaves on my bed so I get them easier. I play with them after I go outside in the morning and also when we get home at night. In the morning when I come back inside and I do some stretching, then I retrieve my favorite toy. It’s a short tree with squirrels, but the squirrels make noises. Its lots of fun to flip my tree in the air. Sometimes, I find the things that makes the noises, and I take them out. I bring them to Mummy. Then Mummy does surgery on them so the squirrels make the noises again. I also have a birdhouse with little birds in it: it’s a lot like my tree. I play with that one upstairs. I also have a really big pillow upstairs that is shaped like me. When Mummy is working, I get to play with Lambie. Once I played with Lambie too hard and she lost an ear. When friends visit Mummy at work I get Lambie to show them.
When Mummy and I went hiking, I had some friends to play with. They liked to play fetch, which I don’t understand. They would go after the ball once their person threw it and kept getting it, no matter how many times it was thrown. I get stuff for Mummy all the time, but Mummy doesn’t throw stuff just for me to get it. I don’t get why they do that. Their people could have gotten the ball themselves: they didn’t need help.
Hope you all are doing well and don’t forget to play today.

Facebook Live

Hello, everyone! Saint here. Tuesday was a super exciting day for Mummy and me! After a full day of going with Mummy to classes and seeing all my friends, we had something else very exciting to do! Some of Mummy’s students came to Mummy’s office to see us and we did something called a Facebook Live Event. It was a lot of fun, except for the fact that Mummy put me in my booties and coat, but I didn’t mind too much. Mummy got me those booties a few years ago because the snow and salt hurts my paws. Mummy always looks out for me: she’s the best!
During the Facebook Live Event, Mummy and her students talked about BEYOND LIMITS and they asked a bunch of questions about me! Mummy kept on saying that the Live Event was about me, which was very exciting. That’s why she had me in my winter gear. One of Mummy’s students dressed in his winter gear too, so I didn’t feel too bad about having it on.
During the Live Event, I kept on running over to my bed because I was SO TIRED, but Mummy kept telling me no, and I’m glad she did. Even though it was a long day, I had tons of fun!!
I do need to get lots of rest though because Mummy and I are going on a big adventure next week. We’re driving to Kentucky and going on a hike! Make sure you stay tuned for that.
Have you guys ever done a Facebook Live Event? Do you have any Winter Gear? What do you Love about Winter? I love you all!