Volunteer opportunities

I don’t know exactly what drove me to volunteer on the medical surgical floor at a local hospital years ago. All I remember is a little voice in the back of my head telling me to pay it forward. My job was to help the nurses keep patient rooms stocked with supplies, help patients with their meals and provide company to patients who didn’t have anyone to talk to.

I had experience interviewing people, which I think came in handy when striking up a conversation. I learned a great deal about their lives, things we had in common and what their plans were once they got out of the hospital.

Sometimes patients on the medical surgical floor can’t afford to be placed in a nursing home so it’s where they end up to spend their final days. Not every conversation was upbeat.

I gained a good amount of experience during my time as a volunteer and think about it now and then. It led to other volunteer opportunities in my community.

If you have that little voice in the back of your head, too, then you should check out our volunteer positions for our upcoming adventure.

We believe that everyone is talented and even if what you’re capable of doing isn’t listed on our website, we’re sure there’s some way you can help.

Our three big goals right now, as we plan for next year, are to get volunteers on board, raise money and help spread the word. Just sharing this blog post can be a way you can help lend a hand.

Help pay it forward and become a member of BEYOND LIMITS.

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