Get involved with BEYOND LIMITS

In class we’ve been doing presentations about how we can better communicate and reach out to people to join BEYOND LIMITS. I’ve already done mine and we only have a few more left. I’ve learned a lot while watching the presentations. Something I’ve taken away is that we have to make it easy for people to get involved, we have to adapt to their schedules.  We can help fit BEYOND LIMITS into almost any schedule, whether it be hiking for two weeks, driving someone to the airport an hour away, bringing our cause into your next meeting or even just following us on social media and checking in once a week.

I personally want all the people with whom I talk with to be a part of BEYOND LIMITS in whatever way they can. I think that all can gain from our mission and that they’ll have a great time. Experienced hikers can hike with us and see us changing the world in person. If you can hike with us I strongly recommend it: you’ll meet amazing people and be a part of giving inspiration to those who need it. If you can’t hike, we understand: but don’t let that stop you from getting involved. If you have a driver’s license and some free time, we could really use your help too! You could still meet great people and really help them out by giving rides to airports and bus stops or picking up things from the post office. If you know that you can’t help in these ways for some reason, you can still help us by spreading the word to people who you think would be interested. It’s also really easy to follow us on social media and keep up with what we’re doing. You can follow our blog, of which you’re reading a post now, for information weekly as well as our YouTube channel, website, Instagram, Twitter and GoFundMe. We’d love for you to come along on our journey any way you can.

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