BEYOND LIMITS and the Katahdin Expedition

Our 2015 Katahdin Expedition feeds in beautifully to our larger BEYOND LIMITS philosophy and initiative. This is a way of life and perspective that doesn’t know the meaning of the word CAN’T.

We are born with limitless potential. We come into the world magical and can accomplish anything. But way too soon, we start to hear the word can’t. And, being young, we internalize it, accept it, start putting bars on our insides and shackle our dreams. We want to fit in, do things the “right way,” view difference as bad.

But difference is NOT bad. It is a wonderful fact of life, an opportunity to be creative and problem-solve, a way to bring infinitive variety to our lives. Difference is an opportunity to stretch, grow, and do amazing things. The only thing that can limit us is our lack of imagination if we refuse to see the possibilities. But it’s in our power to turn this around. We can turn conventional wisdom on its head. All we have to do is ask “Why not?” instead of “Why?”

BEYOND LIMITS is not about disability but about ability. It’s about finding and tapping our gifts, building on them, realizing our dreams—and helping others to do so.

The 2015 BEYOND LIMITS Katahdin Expedition is the perfect embodiment of this. It is about building an amazing dream team of folks who will form a special, magical bond and accomplish things that conventional wisdom says are impossible. This will be an extraordinary journey that starts now and will really go on forever. Climbing Katahdin is part of that. But the synergy and strength that we will create is much stronger than any mountain.

Why Katahdin? Mountains are incredibly symbolic. They are close to what is essential in life. They are strength, beauty, possibilities. They are iconic and evocative. Katahdin is Maine and what is best in all of us. Our team effort in climbing it will send an incredible message of hope to everyone. We all have challenges in life. Our expedition will eloquently demonstrate that together, with our faith, love, effort, goodwill, creativity, joy—and a little luck won’t hurt—we can move and climb any mountain. This is the ultimate embodiment of what we CAN do.

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