Toys for life!

Hi everyone! Saint here. I hope you are all doing well and having fun! I want to tell you guys about some of my favorite toys. Mummy keeps my toys in a big box for me, but my favorite toys Mummy leaves on my bed so I get them easier. I play with them after I go outside in the morning and also when we get home at night. In the morning when I come back inside and I do some stretching, then I retrieve my favorite toy. It’s a short tree with squirrels, but the squirrels make noises. Its lots of fun to flip my tree in the air. Sometimes, I find the things that makes the noises, and I take them out. I bring them to Mummy. Then Mummy does surgery on them so the squirrels make the noises again. I also have a birdhouse with little birds in it: it’s a lot like my tree. I play with that one upstairs. I also have a really big pillow upstairs that is shaped like me. When Mummy is working, I get to play with Lambie. Once I played with Lambie too hard and she lost an ear. When friends visit Mummy at work I get Lambie to show them.
When Mummy and I went hiking, I had some friends to play with. They liked to play fetch, which I don’t understand. They would go after the ball once their person threw it and kept getting it, no matter how many times it was thrown. I get stuff for Mummy all the time, but Mummy doesn’t throw stuff just for me to get it. I don’t get why they do that. Their people could have gotten the ball themselves: they didn’t need help.
Hope you all are doing well and don’t forget to play today.