Hello, everybody! Saint here. Do you guys know that people can handle different roles or duties in life—at the same time? You must be familiar with the hero in the movie Superman. In fact, he is also a journalist at the Metropolis newspaper. The same as him, I also have various roles and duties inRead More

Who’s Truffles?

Hi, everyone! It’s Saint. Or should I say Truffles? If you haven’t been in the loop, I now have a trail name! Why Truffles, you ask? Don’t worry, I’ll get to that. Just be patient. I have so much to tell you! Mummy and I spent 10 days on the Appalachian Trail in June. WeRead More

Warmer Weather

Hi guys! Saint here. Wow, what a difference in the weather we have here in Virginia. It is really nice and warm! Unlike Maine, where it’s cold all the time. When we were in Maine, Mummy would bundle up in so many jackets to go outside. Here in Virginia, she doesn’t have to! I thinkRead More

On The Way

Hi everyone! Saint here. Long time no see.  Good news: Mummy has a super car! Mummy got a new wheelchair: I think that is an amazing car! It’s blue–I like blue. Blue represents the ocean, the water. When I am lying beside Mummy’s wheelchair, I always fall into a deep sleep soon. I dream MummyRead More