Celebrating My Friends

Hello everyone! Saint here. I hope you’re all doing well, and if you’re in school, I hope your finals went well! I don’t really know what they are, but Mummy has a bunch of friends over during finals week and they talk about the semester and how it went. I like having all these visits with my friends. We get to hang out and have a bunch of parties in class. It’s really fun! After the spring semester, my friends in Mummy class who have been here for a really long time have a Graduation Ceremony. That’s really fun to go to, because I go with Mummy and dress up in my outfit that Mummy calls a cap and gown. I get to dress up like my friends who are at this ceremony and show them that I am proud of them. I get to see all my friends get these papers that means that they have done a good job.
We get to take pictures with everyone after the ceremony. Mummy is always a little sad about this, because some of my friends who go to this ceremony never come back. Mummy says this is because they are going onto something better. Sometimes they do come back and it’s really great to see them again and see how they are doing! I’m always sad to lose my friends, but knowing that they are going onto something better makes me happy for them. That’s it for now. Hope you are all doing well!

Toys for life!

Hi everyone! Saint here. I hope you are all doing well and having fun! I want to tell you guys about some of my favorite toys. Mummy keeps my toys in a big box for me, but my favorite toys Mummy leaves on my bed so I get them easier. I play with them after I go outside in the morning and also when we get home at night. In the morning when I come back inside and I do some stretching, then I retrieve my favorite toy. It’s a short tree with squirrels, but the squirrels make noises. Its lots of fun to flip my tree in the air. Sometimes, I find the things that makes the noises, and I take them out. I bring them to Mummy. Then Mummy does surgery on them so the squirrels make the noises again. I also have a birdhouse with little birds in it: it’s a lot like my tree. I play with that one upstairs. I also have a really big pillow upstairs that is shaped like me. When Mummy is working, I get to play with Lambie. Once I played with Lambie too hard and she lost an ear. When friends visit Mummy at work I get Lambie to show them.
When Mummy and I went hiking, I had some friends to play with. They liked to play fetch, which I don’t understand. They would go after the ball once their person threw it and kept getting it, no matter how many times it was thrown. I get stuff for Mummy all the time, but Mummy doesn’t throw stuff just for me to get it. I don’t get why they do that. Their people could have gotten the ball themselves: they didn’t need help.
Hope you all are doing well and don’t forget to play today.