We’re all born with unlimited potential. When we come into the world, there’s nothing that we cannot do. But somewhere along the line we start hearing the word CAN’T. Actions and results are labeled “normal.” If we don’t do things the typical way, are we abnormal? There’s a push to fit the norm. Difference is viewed as bad. So we put bars on our insides and clip the wings of our dreams.

But difference isn’t bad or good—it’s a wonderful fact of life. Channeled well, it can make for a richer, more fulfilling life. Working with others, difference can empower us all and give us a world in which we are BEYOND LIMITS. Working together we discover that nothing can defeat us except our lack of imagination. Difference can be wonderfully liberating in generating fresh perspectives.

Through recreation, team-building, problem-solving, communication, and other activities, our organization will help people undertake and overcome challenges in a supportive environment. Once they do, they’ll learn to banish “can’t” and awaken their true potential.