Boston or Bust

Saint and Dusty visit Dr. Gomery

Hello, Everyone.  Saint and Dusty here!  We’re sorry that we haven’t blogged in quite a while.  We promise to try to do better.  We’ve been really busy getting ready for our big adventure.  Abi helped us a lot during this past academic year.  There was so much planning to be done.  Since school let outRead More


We are happy and sad to see Abi graduate. We know that she will keep doing amazing things!

Hello, Everyone.  Saint and Dusty here.  We know—it’s been way too long since we blogged with you.  Like you, for the last few years, we’ve just been trying to chug along through the pandemic.  But things are looking up!  Spring is coming to Aroostook County.  The grass is getting green and it’s lovely to beRead More